The Change Architects

For this project we worked with the The Change Architects to help improve their contract execution process.

The Change Architects came to us with a form they used to create contracts and wanted the flexibility to dynamically change the scope and then have a proposition of the contract sent over digitally to the client and then connect them to an official digital contract that they could review and sign creating a legally binding contract.

Additionally, they had some existing plugins they wanted to move away from and then also the ability to integrate with some existing custom designed membership interfaces they had created. Tech Maven Consulting met and communicated with The Change Architects regularly throughout the project. We scheduled a few initial meetings to understand the application workflow needs and then had ongoing correspondence throughout the project.

We ended up developing a digital signature solution akin to Docusign. What we created that Docusign alone would not be able to do is a completely customized digital signature solution. This solution encapsulates the specialty services that The Change Architects provide to their clients allowing flexibility to the team that allows them to initialize a contract, issue emails to the clients and internal staff needing to be in the know, and then having the client come back to their website and execute a contract and send out links to private areas within their existing membership interfaces with links to a generated PDF all within their existing website. What a cool project. Thanks to The Change Architects for allowing us to participate in creating such a fun project.