Availability/Working Hours

Scheduling & Availability

Typically, your project will be managed by a single individual of who may or may not work a regular 40 hour a week job and may have a family to attend and who may be enrolled in on-going technical training courses to further expand experience/qualifications available to you. The larger the project and the lesser amount of time available to finish the project, the more difficult it will be to satisfy your requirements, however we have numerous satisfied clients and generally have been able to meet or exceed the project expectations. However, please note that our availability to you for work on your project is limited to the variables aforementioned, including unforeseen circumstances.

General Availability

Mon/Tues/Thur Weekends
8:30PM-11:30PM (CST) Varies (CST)

As we all enjoy the Holidays and Vacations, like you, our schedule varies around those dates. Please keep in mind that the information listed above is not set in stone but is a good rule of thumb for your considerations in working with us.