Project Estimator

Application Details

An estimate of the number of forms you think it might take to complete your application
The number of views you think it will take to complete your application
The maximum number of fields in any one form of your application

Advanced Details

Here you will try and estimate the complexity of the project. Chances are that what you think to be a simple form might be somewhat complicated based on the variables listed.

Some considerations you need to keep in mind when setting this value are:

  • What sort of skills will be needed to achieve the nearest acceptable presentation (e.g., HTML, CSS, Custom Code in the form of Javascript, JQuery, or PHP)
  • How in depth will each form go (e.g., interlinking/embedding, form/field conditional statements, input formatting, append/prepend fields with a value or unit of measure, etc.)
  • How in depth will each view go (e.g., simple static entries, dynamic entries, interlinking/embedding)
  • If you are uncertain where your project complexity lies, choose “Moderate” for a conservative estimate.

    Does this bid seem to be a bit high for a simple form?

    In certain cases I have to assume that it’s not going to be as simple as drag and drop a field. The estimation above assumes a complexity level of “Moderate”. Change the “Overall Application Complexity” above to “Low” if you are relatively certain that you have a simple form to build.

    Important Notes About This Estimate

    • Price shown should be considered a conservative estimate as little about the project is known at this time. All projects are estimated based on an hourly rate and calculation methods based on project difficulty. All projects will be billed hourly based on my determination of how the project is progressing in addition to how the project correlates to my understanding of the original project scope. Based on the project progression (misjudgement on my behalf or yours), at my discretion I may provide a discount. The estimate shown is what you can expect at minimum and an additional hourly rate will be applied on top of this, should the project exceed my estimate provided herein.
    • Depending on the feedback and correspondence needed for this project, additional billing will occur at an hourly rate that is not included in the estimate. Items include, but are not limited to; email correspondence, skype (preferred)/voice conferences, non-standard customization research/implementation, etc.
    • Anything not explicitly laid out in the Formidable Pro documentation is subject to an additional hourly rate as defined previously in “non-standard customization research/implementation”.
    • Typically, a percentage of the quote will be due upfront to begin the project, and if the longevity of the project is drawn out, additional progress payments may be needed along the way up to the finalization of the project.
    • Formidable Pro forms support responsive design by default, but views do not. In providing support for responsive design, the project estimate may be twice that of a non-responsive design as it requires re-writing CSS numerous times based on specific widths. In addition, it may be necessary to further modify the “default” support for responsive design in forms.
    • Nothing is assumed about the project that isn’t explicitly laid out in the project scope (e.g., email correspondence prior to agreeing to moving forward with the project) and anything that needs to be addressed outside of the project scope (at my discretion) is subject to an additional hourly rate.
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