Jeanette Eng

Jeanette was one of my first clients. Jeanette first came to me in need of a solution to her already customized website. She wanted a personalized blog wrapped inside her current website, which doubled as a portfolio for all of her work and experiences. I helped her come up with a solution by converting her website into a network adding an additional website for blogging. I was able to scrape the web for resources and found a plugin that allowed her websites to communicate with one another by broadcasting posts throughout other network sites. Now she can run a separate blog and include material from it into her original site. She has since came to me with numerous WordPress problems and solutions for her media and will always be a partner of mine.
“Bobby has been instrumental in the the operation and functionality of my website. In my darkest moments, when I thought all was lost and had given up hope on ever finding a solution for my page navigation or gallery display or something else, he had the skills to save the day. One of the most crucial operating pieces of my site: the ability to launch my full blog from a button on the site, was not an option built into the template. Bobby was able to solve the issue, essentially re-designing my site to be the expression of two sites. It was so genius that I can’t explain it, but I’m simply grateful that he had the skills to create what I couldn’t. The greatest thing about Bobby is that he does this out of the kindness of his heart, knowing that many of us self-starters cannot afford a designer. And so he does what he can to help. My site would not be what it is without Bobby’s touch. Thank you!”

-Jeanette Eng

Source: Jeanette Eng